Wheel Weighers: Truck Scales that Optimize Efficiency for Many Industries

Wheel weighers are typically light-weight, portable truck scales designed for weighing individual wheels and axles to ensure compliance with legal weight limits. They are practically used to weigh trucks to ensure that they are properly and legally loaded.

The trucking industry provides an essential service to the economy by transporting large quantities of raw materials and finished goods over land. Developments of technology, such as computers and the internet, have contributed to many improvements within the industry. These developments have increased the productivity of company operations, saved the time and effort of drivers.

Wheel weighers help to optimize efficiency for many industries among them the computer and technology industry. Being one of the most growing industries in the world it is important to ensure maximum productivity. Inputs into the industries together with the goods and wastes are measured in order to maximize investment and minimize wastage.

Truck scales use a modern technology whereby electric signals transmit information to a box that gives readings of the weight registered. They might be portable scales or permanent such as those on weighing bridges along major highways. With the advancement of technology even truck scales have been computerized. Digitalized equipment are now used to register the weight of vehicles when they pass on them. These are mainly used along highways and in industries to determine raw materials coming in as well as end products leaving.

Industry Applications of Wheel Weighers

Law enforcement agencies have been known to use wheel weighers for writing overweight tickets. Truck scales are used by race cars to determine the weight on each tire for balancing the car suspension. Wheel weighers are also used by industries when they want to verify their vehicles’ wheel weights do not exceed highway limits. A truck scale, weighbridge or railroad scale is a large set of scales, usually permanently mounted on a concrete foundation, that is used to weigh entire rail or road vehicles and their contents.

By weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded on wheel weighers, the load carried by the vehicle is then calculated. Wheel weighers are applied in the mining industry as well whereby they offer these mining companies an efficient way to measure the weight of payloads in a convenient manner. These mining truck scales have significantly advanced the mining industry by optimizing efficiency.

The shipping industry in particular cannot do without truck scales. The shipping logistics solutions are well catered for by the portable truck scales. It is ideal for large scale shipping companies that find it difficult to move goods to the weighing area. Wheel weighers also help construction companies improve efficiency by measuring their input, goods and wastes.

Although many companies offer portable wheel weighers, only select suppliers of wheel load weighers can custom-tailor wheel weighers and truck scales for specific applications.

It is very necessary to weigh vehicles to ensure that they don’t exceed the weight limit of a particular highway as this could lead to its degradation due to overloading. It is also important for water bodies to maintain a particular amount of loading for safety purposes of the devices when onshore. Truck scales hence come in handy to determine the weight of vehicles going into a ship or ferry. Overloading can incur very hefty penalties such as being fined heavily.